•  Spearhead the IT industry locally and internationally with our own professionalism.

•  To maintain customer loyalty and support to the highest slandered.

•  To achieve sustainable growth by maximising profitability in order to enhance the wealth of the company

•  To offer wide range of innovative products and services in order to captivate our loyal customers.

•  To adopt the comprehensive human resources development program by introducing training and development strategy to achieve optimum productivity.
About Us

C. C. Technologies (Pvt) Ltd., has been in the Information Technology Industry since 2003 as consultants for integrated Banking solutions and other commercial IT solutions for large and medium scale companies.

To support the growth of IT and Communication needs in the country, C. C. Technologies (Pvt) Ltd., has moved into reselling reputed world wide brands widely used, such as HP – Hewlett Packard, Epson, Canon printers / imaging products and its consumables, NOKIA mobile communication equipment, Panasonic office products, Microsoft licences and Kaspersky Antivirus licences.

Brands We Deal...

C. C. Technologies (Pvt) Ltd   
Address: 8, Esther Place, Park Road, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka.   
Telephone: +94 11 5744476   
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